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About Us

Global Shipping Company, we have worked hard to become a world leader in critical delivery, we have consistently demonstrated to our customers our commitment by giving the highest quality service while maintaining the most cost effective solutions. 

Why Choose Us

We are the customs clearance specialists.No other courier service expedites your packages through customs with the speed and reliability GSC Parcel provides. Our pre-clearance system electronically sends copies of your shipment details to our foreign customs clearance teams prior to the landing of your package in its destination country.

World-wide delivery

We are ready to send your package through a network of critical delivery paths that span the entire globe.We are ready to answer your questions about packaging and delivery, customs regulations and dangerous goods protocol. We are ready to clear customs, cross borders and to guarantee that your package will be on the next flight out.

Experts in Critical delivery

Any courier can deliver a parcel in three days. GSC Parcel we measure success in minutes not days. Our mandate is to route a package faster than anyone in the business and to do so with exquisite care

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